An interesting eBay find leads to owning a one-of-kind piece of retro media

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling through eBay to find some interesting tapes to play on my grandfather’s old Akai GX-635D 4-Track Stereo Tape Deck.

I felt good media to search for would be old radio station archives. Old Radio stations tend to have warehouse-size rooms full of old radio programming, that tends to be quite more unique than the pre-recorded tapes.

While looking for some old radio dramas, or possibly old band interviews, I stumbled upon something quite interesting.

A speech from socialist political figure, and author of the influential book, The Jungle, Upton Sinclair, dated July 14th, 1964.

The tape box states that the speech was recorded at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art opening of The Bitter Years Photo-exhibit, for KPFK Radio.

What makes this recording most interesting is, along with only being able to find a single photograph on this event, I can’t find any audio recording of Upton Sinclair anywhere online. This event would have made Sinclair 86 years old.

When getting in contact with the seller, Joshua Williams, he stated “A friend of my fathers used to work at an old radio station, and he had inherited a ton of old copies of radio programming. I don’t have the information to know if the original master still exists”.

It was at this point that I knew I had something quite special.

I have listened to the recording in completion, and it’s quite the gem to be able to hear Mr. Sinclair.

The hunt to gather more information continues.

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