An Interview with Joseph Ziemba of Bleeding Skull

This past Friday, I had the opportunity to interview Joe Ziemba, the creator of the blog Bleeding Skull! Ziemba, 39, from Chicago Heights, IL originally started Bleeding Skull, writing reviews for obscure VHS horror films. The blog launched on January 4th, 2004.

“I have had a passion for b-horror movies & VHS tapes my entire life” said Ziemba. “It really just started as a hobby, something I just really enjoyed doing, and soon after I met Dan Budnik”.

Budnik soon became the head writer of Bleeding Skull.

“It was just Dan & I for a while” Ziemba said. “It was really just a passion project of ours, we had a little bit of a following for a few years, but it wasn’t nearly where we are now”.

In 2013, Ziemba & Budnik authored the book Bleeding Skull! A 1980s Trash-Horror Odyssey.

“Dan & I were super-excited to finally get our reviews published. The paperback is actually quite a collections item now since we never re-printed it.” Ziemba said.

“Unfortunately a year after that, as our fan base was growing due to our book, Dan had to leave Bleeding Skull for personal reasons, which was hard.” Ziemba continued.

“I’m also the art director for the local Alamo Drafthouse and the host of Terror Tuesday, so it was quite a stressful time.”

Soon after however, Ziemba met current Bleeding Skull writers Annie Choi & Zack Carlson.

“When Annie, Zack, & I started to collaborate, that’s when things really took off” Ziemba said.

“We started Bleeding Skull! Video, where we post newly printed VHS tapes, DVD’s, & downloads for sale of many schlocky horror films that have never seen the light of day since the 80’s, with the help from folks at Alamo Drafthouse” Ziemba continued.

As of right now, because of Bleeding Skull! Video, the blog has developed a cult following.

“We’re super busy here at Bleeding Skull, but I’m overjoyed of how many people are appreciating our content” Ziemba said.

In conclusion, Ziemba stated “I really think that blogging is the future of Journalism. Just writing what you are passionate about can be very rewarding.”

Photo Courtesy of: Joseph Ziemba

Princeton Record Exchange hosts Jack White listening party, and gives away limited vinyl & turntable

On Friday March 9th, Princeton Record Exchange in Princeton, NJ hosted a listening party of Jack White’s new album Boarding House Reach. A first listen of the album, as it is to set to be officially released on March 23rd.

Alongside free buttons and music, there were raffle prizes from White’s record label, Third Man Records, known for their passion for vinyl, who offered two unique prizes from their warehouse. A limited seven-inch tri-colored vinyl single of White’s song Over and Over and Over, and their signature Pro-Ject RM 1.3 audiophile turntable.

The drawing for the vinyl single was done after the store finished playing the first side of the album. The winner of the single, Debra Stantonsberg, was surprised when she won the raffle. “I just put my name in on a whim” Stantonsberg said. “I’m happy I won, but since there were so many people who wanted their hands on this single, I wasn’t expecting I would win.”

The winner of the turntable, done at the end of the album, Justin Williams, wasn’t quite as shocked as Stantonsberg, but was quite happy that he won. “The employee that was doing the drawing said that I should receive a call from Third Man Records about receiving my turntable” Williams said. “I’m quite excited about it, as I really like the way this turntable looks from the pictures I’ve seen.” Overall, these pleased customers just show that vinyl is alive and well at Princeton Record Exchange.

VHS Exchange At Tattooed Mom in Philly

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to go to the Tattooed Mom bar on South Street in Philadelphia, for a VHS Swap & Video Party, hosted by the Philadelphia VHS Society & Lunchmeat. I met some interesting people, and picked up some cool tapes while I was there.
Here’s some pictures I took to show what the event was truly like in action!