Cassettes from WPRB 103.3 FM Radio in Princeton

I had the opportunity to go see the fantastic cabaret punk band The World/Inferno Friendship Society this past Friday in Philadelphia, and the concert was sponsored by Princeton’s WPRB 103.3 FM radio station. At the merch table, they had a bin of vinyl, CD’s, and cassettes from local and other indie artists of promotional material given to the station. Because of this, the material was extremely inexpensive, and completely worth the dig. I was able to pull out all of the cassette tapes that were buried at the bottom of the bin, taking a couple pictures of a few of the titles that were available to purchase.

I only ended up walking away with one cassette tape, but I was completely satisfied with my choice. I decided to pick up a cassette by Long Beach Island, NJ based garage punk band The Off White, their album Don’t Take Kindly, released on local indie label Little Dickman Records. After giving the tape a listen, I found it has just the right amount of lo-fi aesthetic for the band’s fuzzed out garage punk style, and it seems right at home on the format. On top of it, not only are they a local band, but this cassette is not available on vinyl or CD, making it the only physical edition of this album, my favorite cassettes to collect.

Support your local music scene!

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