NES Repros, a documentary on VHS collecting, and more!


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Here’s a few more interesting and really cool pieces of media from the world of retro media worth looking at.

First is a documentary called Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS Collection, which talks to some of the biggest and most hardcore collectors of VHS tapes. The documentary features the history of video-rental stores, clips from some of the rare tapes talked about, and even features a collector who holds a small VHS rental store in his basement in North Jersey! A fun and interesting documentary about VHS collectors horror/exploitation collections, along with other titles never released to DVD.

Next, for those retro video game collectors, is a video from Seattle-based video game collector and Youtuber MetalJesusRocks about new NES & SNES reproduction cartidges, titled Nintendo Repros, Homebrews, & Hacked Games. For those unaware, yes, new NES & SNES games are still released! Not published or developed by Nintendo of course, but from independent developers who want to change the sprites in a well known Nintendo game, or completely make their own game from top to bottom. A very informative video about these limited supply fan-made cartidges.

A great blog for those passionate about cassette collecting is Tape TardisThis blog instead of focusing on new independent releases of cassettes like Cassette Godsit features classic pre-recorded cassettes and different blank cassettes by various labels, talking about the differences in quality of tape. A great blog for the audiophile looking for reviews on high quality cassettes.

For those that like strange and off-the-wall retro media, the Strange Vice blog and online store may be for you. Strange Vice features over a hundred b-horror films on VHS tape, and hundreds of obscure foreign movie soundtracks on vinyl.

If you are one of the few that still like to type on an old-fashioned typewriter, The Typewriter Revolution, is the blog for you. Featuring multiple vintage typewriter models, the author also goes in depth about the repair of these machines. A great blog for the typewriter hobbyist looking to repair a machine or two.


Photo by: Supernative

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