Insert Tape – Now Rolling!

Welcome everyone to the Be Kind, Please Rewind blog!

Are you are passionate about retro media, from old cameras, to VHS tapes, or maybe retro video game collecting? Well, you’ve clicked on the right blog! My name is Craig Leeming, and during the upcoming weeks, I’ll be featuring passionate collectors of VHS tapes, retro games, typewriters, and more. I’ll also be getting interviews with publishers, labels, and developers of content on obscure media platforms. Everything from Brooklyn cassette-based Garage Rock label King Pizza Records, to Detroit-based VHS horror publisher Manor Video, you’ll be getting a first eye view on the passion that these small communities have for their craft, and the platforms they love.

For now, here’s a great blog called LunchMeatVHS, that shows the passion that people have for VHS collecting. Especially b-horror films.

Here’s a recent post about Australian outfit Ex-Film, that recently reissued five classic b-horror movies on PAL format VHS tapes.


Stay Tuned & Adjust Your Tracking!

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